How to replace a cassette

Once you have replaced your chain a couple times, a new chain might lead to a rough feeling drivetrain. That’s because the cassette is worn out and it won’t “mesh” with the new chain.

So if this happens, there is a good chance you need to replace your cassette. (The cassette is the cluster of gears that is attached to the rear hub.)

The good news is, replacing a cassette is fairly straightforward. You just need the right tools.

Here are some tutorials about replacing the cassette:

How To Replace a Cassette on a Road or Mountain Bike – Here are simple instructions to remove and install a cassette on a road or mountain bike.

How To Replace a Cassette Cluster – A video demonstrating how to replace a cassette cluster. Applies to most Shimano cassettes.

Shimano Cassettes and Freehubs – Everything you ever wanted to know about cassettes and freehubs, including cassette removal and installation.


How to replace chainrings

Replacing a chain is a fairly common procedure since chains wear out first. Next is the cassette, which will probably last through two, maybe three chains.

But eventually, you will also have to replace your chainrings. This is a basic procedure, but sometimes it also requires removing the crank arm, and if these little bolts get rusty or seize up, you will have a heck of a time doing this!

So browse these tutorials for the best tips and tricks for removing old and installing new chainrings:

How to replace your chainrings – A video tutorial showing how to remove and install chainrings on a triple crank.

How to replace a chainring – A guide to removing and installing bicycle chainrings.

Cable Routing for Disc Brakes

With disc brakes, you get better, more reliable braking performance, especially in wet weather. But you also deal with more setup issues. One such issue is cable routing.

Cable routing can be tricky, since you need longer cables to reach the disc calipers. And sometimes your bicycle will even leave the shop with cables routed improperly!

Here are the best guides I have found for disc cable routing:

A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Proper Front Disc Brake Cable Routing – complete guide to getting the right routing for a front disc brake.

Proper Front Disc Cable/Hose Routing – another picture showing proper front disc cable routing.

How To Replace Cable Housings – if you need to replace the cable housing, here is some help with that.

How to Replace Your Chain

Next to the tires, the chain is the most likely part to wear out. It has to deal with a lot of stress, and even when properly maintained, it won’t last forever.

Once it is worn out, you will need to replace it. Replacing a chain, or installing a chain on a new bike, isn’t that hard, but there are a few guidelines you should follow to make sure the chain is sized, broken, and installed properly.

Here are some bicycle chain repair tutorials to help you out:

Chain Replacement And Repair – Good diagrams and general info about bicycle chains and repair.

How to Replace a Chain – How to remove your old chain and install a new one.

How To Use a Chain Tool To Break a Chain – You need a chain tool to break the new chain. Here’s how to use it.

How To Use a Quick Release Chain Link – This is the easy part, but it can be tricky sometimes.

How To Calculate Chain Length – make sure you size the chain properly so it’s not too long or too short.

Bike Washing – How to Clean Your Bicycle

Unless you hang your bike on a wall in a glass case and never ride it, it will surely get dirty from time to time. A little dirt isn’t a bad thing as long as you clean it.

Plus, a clean and shiny bike just looks good! So how about a bike wash today…

Washing and waxing your bike is kind of a touchy subject (water, no water, pressure, degreaser, etc.), so here is a list of ideas on how to do it. You can pick which one you like best:

The Art of the Bike Wash – how to wash your bike, as told by a pro race mechanic!

Cleaning Your Bicycle’s Frame and Fork – how to clean your bike, with an emphasis on the frame and fork.

Washing Your Bike – step-by-step guide to cleaning each part of your bike.

How to wash your bike – basic guide to the bike bath.

How to clean disk brakes

Disk brakes are powerful and work great in nasty conditions, but if not cared for properly, they can squeal like a little school girl.

Excess noise, plus wear and tear, are good reasons to keep your disc brakes clean. Plus, it’s easy to do and takes very little time.

Here are some guides to cleaning your disk brake rotors and pads:

How to clean disk brakes – a quick guide to cleaning disc brakes.

How to remove your handlebar grips

A basic bike repair, but one that can be a real pain in the ass, is removing grips from your handlebar. They might slip when they get wet, but they sure don’t come off when you want them to!

How to remove and install grips – a comprehensive tutorial from Bloom bike shop

Removing grips video – useful video from expertvillage